International Academy of Nonlinear Diagnostic Systems

Institute of Practical Psychophysics


The Institute of Practical Psychophysics (Omsk) was founded in 1990 by the President of International Academy of non-linear diagnostic systems, full member of Academy of medical and technical sciences Vladimir Igorevich Nesterov. The Institute of Practical Psychophysics (IPP) is a scientific research institution, mainly oriented towards practical researches in bio-resonance diagnostics and therapy field.

The most advanced achievement of the IPP is non-linear diagnostics (NLS). NLS diagnostics based on bio-resonance method allows evaluating of degree, intensity and evidence of functional changes in patient’s organism. In most cases using of this method has a principal significance for diagnostics and thus for right treatment choosing. It means that developing of this method became a great improvement in diagnostic medicine.
Using the principle of NLS diagnostics and on the basis of researches of academic Svyatoslav Pavlovich Nesterov who invented trigger sensor, at the end of 80’s of the last century the Institute started to develop NLS diagnostic systems.

Nowadays the Institute of Practical Psychophysics deals with design, development, production, servicing and sales of hardware-software bio-resonance diagnostic systems. Thus whole life cycle of a product is represented in one place.
It evidences that the Institute of Practical Psychophysics is the leader in a field of development and production of bio-resonance diagnostic systems!